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Article introduction

Almond of cold and dressed with sause, does everybody have had heard of? Actually almond of cold and dressed with sause, also be kind of more unique a kind of edible, because be at ordinary times among the life,very much person can feel almond of cold and dressed with sause is more complex, but actually the practice also is more convenient and simple, want to notice almond nevertheless, cannot eat together with pork quite.

How is almond of cold and dressed with sause done?

1. prepares fundamental place to want raw material, the word that does not have fruit vinegar can use red wine vinegar white perhaps vinegar is replaced

2. joins vinegar of one spoon fruit first. Can adjust according to what oneself need dosage, want to make sure the scale of oil and vinegar is 3:1 onlyCan

3. joins sea salt. The oily vinegar juice with an useful and very few salad can move divide evenly salad. Put too much meeting to compare oil, saline heft is accordingly many somes OKer

How is almond of cold and dressed with sause done?

4. is joined black peppery break mix divide evenly

5. rejoin mixes sweetgrass, also can like to be added alone according to oneself, if rosemary, way is popular,wait

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Good master dosage, can not open lid first, falling to rotate directly abrade bottle, abrade the condiment that come out can be in cap, add according to needing

7. mixes dry condiment after fruit vinegar mix is even, add 3 spoon olive oil mixes divide evenly

How is almond of cold and dressed with sause done?

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Honey of 8. rejoin a few, reduce acidity, and can help oil and vinegar mix

Suitable hour hand is sufficient after 9. has mixed mix is even. Oily vinegar juice has been done, can use directly. Also like to add mustard with the basis perhaps the condiment of other and special olfactory such as onion

10. does tremella and dry agaric to be sent with cold water bubble, scald of reoccupy hot water extremely soft

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12. puts big almond finally, drench before edible on the oily vinegar juice with good modulation can edible.

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