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Adult cold is a very comfortable thing really, eat a few medicine to be able to restore, but have a lot of children again people for be special trouble really, because infantile cold cannot feed medicine casually, even if is to go to a hospital treating, the parent also worries about long infusion very much, can destroy body strength of the child, meet plus cold child especially other and afflictive, the parent also follows anxious, when adult catchs a cold, very afraid meeting infects the child, want to prevent the issue that became attention of a lot of people so.

How does adult cold baby prevent

Increase the strength of darling, when to accomplish as follows:

1, provide enough nourishment: Children is in ceaseless growth growth phase, opposite to the need quantity of nutriment more, inanition, resistance is poorer, must accomplish nutrition so balanced.

2, drink water to darling more; Because drink water to be able to promote the metabolism of darling more, rise touch1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Fight force.

3, bask to darling more: Reduce darling to be short of calcium.

4, arrive more outdoors motion, breathe fresh air more, arrive less the person’s much room.

5, assure enough sleep.

6, can drink the colostrum that nod an ox and beneficial to be born to darling yuan.

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The food of tall darling resistance has:

How does adult cold baby prevent

1, mother milk: Mother milk is the optimal food of child constitution and intellectual growth not only: And have the effect that avoids a cold.

2, contain a lot ofvitamin A food, VA of the lack inside form of children of wintry spring section is to have breath easilyLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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The one big inducement of path infection disease.

3, contain a lot ofVAForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Food has liver of fruit of carrot, three-colored amaranth, spinach, pumpkin, Titian, animal, grandma kind etc. Can issue preparation of VA of profess to convinced in doctor guidance when necessary.

4, rich zincic food. Zincic element is the ” of ” Ke Xing of many virus. In the cold tall hair season eats some of rich zincic food to conduce to virus of airframe resistance cold more, because can restrain virus hyperplasia directly.

The flesh kind, sea product and fowl contain zinc to be abounded most. In addition, all sorts of legume, hard fruit and all sorts of seeds also are the better food that contain zinc, can offer choose.

How does adult cold baby prevent

5, the food that contains a lot ofvitamin C. VC has indirect ground to promote the antibody synthesis, action that enhances immunity. Vegetable of of all kinds and fresh greenery and the good food that all sorts of fruits are compensatory VC.

6, rich chalybeate food, iron of the lack inside body is qualitative, can cause T- lymphocyte generates lymphocyte and B- damage, immune function is reduced, defy hard cold virus. Animal blood, grandma kind, egg kind, spinach, flesh kind wait for food to be able to fill iron.

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