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If corners of the mouth is to produce bleb not to eat a few excitant food again, these food are the patient’s condition that can affect his improving circumstance, this kind of circumstance1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Had better be in below go for a short while profess to convinced medicaments of a few inflammation, e.g. the medicaments of coriaceous steroid, the remedial effect of this kind of medicaments is very distinct still, necessary when still can take capable person of a few Chinese traditional medicine, material of a lot of Chinese traditional medicine is to be able to have antiphlogistic and acetanilide effect.

 How is rash of Bao of corners of the mouth treated

1, ammoniac benzene sulphone is the first selection medicaments that treats this disease.

2, sulphanilamide remedy is effective also, profess to convinced.

3, coriaceous steroid hormone treats the effect not beautiful, general nonfeasance1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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First selection. Control of larger dose hormone can be used when be in a bad way.

4, usable benzene Hai Laming, chlorpheniramine, blame wait that fight histamine medicaments to itch in order to stop, lotion of local application calamine, field mint lotion also have stop urticant, precautionary afterwards sends the action of infection.

Chinese traditional medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

The rash with any bigger range carries bag bubble, bigShanghai night net

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Blister or pathological change of other and oozy sex, all can cause a large number of liquids to lose. If necessary, begin vein to input a liquidFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Will complement water, electrolyte. Those who maintain patient surroundings is wet, enrage current free, enclothe heat preservation with the rug as far as possible. Every 4 hours measure anus lukewarm, lose because of addition liquid and the haemal velocity of flow of inflammation place is accelerated can cause microtherm.

 How is rash of Bao of corners of the mouth treated

Groovy examination sends a gender formerly with deciding microbial. Before infection is affirmatory, tell a patient to wash his hands more, do not use pathological changes area. Alertness should rise when be being affected 2 times. Give a patient antibiotic and necessary coriaceous hormone, perhaps give in pathological changes area fight microbial ointment.

The likelihood is sexual couplet heredity, the patient is a female more, because of the male Chang Zao period dies, a week after be born comes on to 3 months, skin of limbs of leather damage preexistence produces tensional sex big blister, extensive sends the whole body after, continuously a few months produces red or amaranth tubercle or spot next piece, stay later have grotesque pigment spot. Can have lose one’s hair of bald appearance of false sex spot, patient of half the number still has system of eye, bone, central nervous to damage. Acerbity leucocyte of the be addicted to in blood but grow in quantity.

 How is rash of Bao of corners of the mouth treated

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Circle of sex of bureau of characteristic in the limit of or elliptic erythema, vermeil or amaranth, oedema is apparent person in the center of can form blister, coloured element remains after healing ad cool-headed. After taking drug every time, happen in same position, yi Ke increases at the same time new damage, number differs to also have the person that extensive sends the whole body. Rash volume is average 0.2cm differs to several centimeters of size, can happen atForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Any place, wait for boundary of skin mucous membrane to see more with week of lip, mouth, glans, anus especially, and defeat easily;burst;ulcerate;fester form rotten to the core. General subsidise of 1 ~ 10d, pubic debaucjed ulcer person course of diseases is longer.

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