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Article introduction

If hypertension is lax heavy sentence, can control an illness through body recuperation. If serious word, need to undertake treat and was controllinged with medicaments namely. Of course, to hypertensive patient, be cannot use at willLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Of medicine, if use medical process in, have the word of the behavior of impropriety, bring about illness accentuation very easily. Below, introduce the hypertensive note that use drug for everybody!

 The hypertensive guidance that use drug

1, also should insist to take drug without the symptom

Although,some patients feel bloodForum of Shanghai night net

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Pressure tall, but without any symptoms, feel OK to need not take drug, actually, even if do not have a symptomA falls in love with the sea to be the same as a city

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Hypertensive, if refuse to obey for a long time medical word, the illness may accentuate, still can cause other and intercurrent sex disease

2, medicaments is taken by the regulation

A lot of hypertensive patients, take drug by his find oneself only, when feeling the body is comfortable accident blood pressure, decrease a quantity to perhaps do not take depressor, the symptom that if appear,dizziness has a headache, do sth without authorization increases dosage. Actually this is planted ignore tall ignore low blood pressure, perhaps had dropped fast, the symptom that same meeting occurrence dizziness has a headache, be likeNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Do not monitor blood pressure if really, take medicaments with respect to blind, cannot control blood pressure to still can make an illness exasperate not only, cause disease of blood-vessel of other heart head.

 The hypertensive guidance that use drug

3, the experience that does not copy others

Hypertensive patient wants to notice because of the person different in the respect that use drug, cannot copy the experience of someone else, with the method of others. Need goes joining him body case, abide by a doctor enjoin, taking depressor just is the safest method.

4, medicine cannot stop

Some patients are taking depressor to treat period of timeShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Hind, it is normal that blood pressure restores to come act on one’s own stop drug, the result has been done not have how long did blood pressure lift again. Can accentuate not only so actually illness, return meeting generation to be able to bear or endure property of a medicine. Want a basis to set so, take drug on time cannot discontinuous.

 The hypertensive guidance that use drug

5, drug is taken before sleeping

The blood pressure after human body is falling asleep, can drop 20% , drug is taken before sleeping nevertheless, chroma of drug of the blood after two hours amounts to peak value, can bring about blood pressure to drop considerably. The vitals such as heart head kidney offers hematic inadequacy, the cruor material such as the plaque that makes blood medium is accumulative inside blood-vessel agglomerate block head is hemal, cause be short of soldier of head of courage and uprightness to wait.

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